Amadahy – JOI into Toilet with Extreme Emotional Sadism (720 HD)



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Amadahy – JOI into Toilet with Extreme Emotional Sadism (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Amadahy is determined to ruin Robert the sorority house toilet slave. She wants to ruin him in every way a girl can ruin a boy. She wants to destroy his finances, his self-esteem, and his resistance to pretty girls. She simply wants him to be devoid of self-esteem. She wants a compliant mind fucked wallet she can fuck whenever she wants. In this clip she teaches Robert to sexualize verbal humiliation. She makes Robert jerk off into a toilet while she instructs him how fast and how hard to jerk. She uses her amazing ass and body to start the jerking but fills his head with unbelievable insults. She is re wiring his bbrain. She is making him sexualize emotional pain and humiliation. Each orgasm Robert suffers in this manner is making him equate sexual release to self-esteem removal. Soon he will only be able to cum while being humiliated. This will make it easier to take Robert shopping. He will buy what she wants because he gets off on humiliation. Amadahy sticks her feet in his mouth, spits in face, and tells Robert how small his dick is. Robert will never have a real girlfriend. He only cums into a toilet. He only cums into a toilet when a girl instructs him to. After a release, the cuck toilet is locked up tight in chastity. Robert will stay that way until the next brain rewiring session. She is burning new pathways in roberts’s brain. She is planning something really big for robert. All the girls are. Amadahy gives robert a cum countdown and Robert cums into the toilet. Amadahy flushes his cum down the toilet while letting robert know exactly what she thinks of him. (8:22 long)

Clip contains: JOI, small dick humiliation, extreme emotional sadism, insults, brain rewiring, cum countdown, spitting, and mean girls.

8 minutes




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