Amadahy – Manipulates and Drains Wallet Slave with Her Feet (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Manipulates and Drains Wallet Slave with Her Feet (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy is really working over her wallet. She is pushing the wallet to higher and higher levels of debt. She just took a huge pile of cash out of the cuck and he is really hurting right now. The bad news is that Amadahy’s boyfriend saw some skinny jeans that He knows She will look great in. He wants her to have them. Amadahy wants to have them so she can wear them for Him. Amadahy wants to be spoiled and right now several pair of skinny jeans will make her and her boyfriend real happy . The cuck is torn. He has spoiled her so much lately. But Sh*it is about to get real. This is when a wallet slave takes spoiling to a real painful level. The cuck makes the mistake of asking why her boyfriend can’t by the jeans that he wants for her. This enrages Amadahy. “My Boyfriend doesn’t buy things. Don’t you get it? My boyfriend enjoys the things you buy for us. He doesn’t have to and never should buy me things. You do! You’re my loser! My boyfriend will never be a loser. You are.” She spits in his face and flicks his nose. Amadahy uses her feet and emotional cruelty to manipulate the wallet cuck into agreeing to an even higher debt load. The cuck has learned a painful lesson. He is just a wallet for Amadahy and her boyfriend to exploit. Financial domination fans HAVE TO BUY THIS CLIP! Amadahy is so cruel to her cuck. Everything in this video is real. (8:44 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, financial domination, foot worship, chastity, emotional sadism.

8 minutes




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