Amadahy POV – Bratty Step-Sister Insists Step Brother Get Circumcised (1080 HD)



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Amadahy POV – Bratty Step-Sister Insists Step Brother Get Circumcised (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Your uncircumcised dick is gross. At least, your step-sister, Amadahy, thinks so. You have to get that extra skin cut off! Amadahy’s going to tell her step-mom to get you the surgery and she’ll make your step-dad take you to be circumcised. Women make all the decisions in this family, so you have no allies and choice. Why are you still arguing with her? Ok, your step-sister will make a bet with you. If you can look at her in this skimpy outfit and not get hard, she’ll let you keep your disgusting foreskin. But, if you get and erection, it’s “snip snip” for you. Amadahy does not make this challenge easy, obviously, she wants you to lose to her and forfeit that nasty old foreskin you’ve been clinging to. Even though you’re her little step-brother, she shoves her prefect tits and flaunts her ass in your face. Your step-sis has a great body. She knows you fantasize about her. It’s not really that taboo, because you’re only related by marriage. Ha! You’re step-sis knew she could make you get a boner! You know, “little step-brother,” if you ever want to have sex with a girl, she’s going to want you to be circumcised. Women prefer it. And let’s face it, if you want to fuck a hot girl it’s really all about pleasing her. Who cares if you lose a little feeling, it isn’t about you! It’s really for your own good you lost the bet. Oh, and don’t forget! You won’t be able to masturbate for like three weeks after the surgery while it heals. Amadahy is going to be sure to have a pool party the day you come back from surgery so that your sutures will really hurt as you fight that erection.  Since you lost the bet, Amadahy’s going to go tell step-mom what she wants and the appointment will be made. In the meantime, you can make yourself useful and clean your big step-sister’s room. (Part 2) Days have passed, but now the day has arrived! Today’s the day you get circumcised! Amadahy knows you’re scared, surgery is scary. This surgery is especially scary because you won’t be resting. You’re only going to be given a local anesthetic, so you’ll be awake during the entire procedure. You’ll be aware that a doctor has a scalpel right next to your little manhood, cutting off all that stupid skin. But remember, it’s for the best. Women like circumcised penises better, so this is for your own good. You’re recovery is so going to suck, though. No masturbation for weeks! Plus, your step-sister is having that pool party today. You’re going to have to watch from the window instead of joining the party. You wouldn’t want to get excited and rip a suture. While you’re resting up, maybe you can be a good sport and do your step-sister’s math homework for her. Face it, “little step-brother” step-dad is a loser and you’re going to end up just like him. Amadahy has step-dad wrapped around her little finger. In fact, while you’re in surgery, she’s convinced him to let her turn your room into her new walk in closet. You’ll still have a bed in the old closet, but the room itself will be hers for storing all her extra clothes and shoes. She needs it and you don’t. She just has so many more things than you do. Just think, though. You’ll be so much closer to all your step-sister’s clothes. She’s seen you smelling her dirty clothes every time it’s your turn to do the laundry. Now, since you’ll basically live in her closet, you can be surrounded by her clothes all the time!   (11:59 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, Femdom POV, Taboo, Medical Fetish, Step-Daddy’s Girl

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