Amadahy POV – Why You Should Tribute (720 HD)



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Amadahy POV – Why You Should Tribute (720 HD)

720 HD I love tribute buttons. I love getting tributes. I love how once a loser tributes the first time he understands financial domination. It is like a light bulb going on in his thick head. He learns to love the fetish of financial domination and exploitation. He learns to be only able to cum after spoiling a girl. I love the brain re-wire aspect of this clip. You learn that by clicking tribute buttons your stroking feels better. You learn that by spoiling a girl it feels good. It feels good to spoil pretty girls doesn’t it? I count you down and tell you to click the tribute button while you stroke. The stroking and tributing is building you up to a huge orgasm. I talk you through higher and higher tributes while I control your stroking at the same time. This clip is perfect for the findom curious. Some guys may not understand the rush of giving a pretty girl what she wants. Spoiling her and making her happy. After this clip you will understand and love findom. For the last tribute I count you down and we time your release with a huge tribute. For boys experienced living as a wallet to pretty girls this clip is excellent as well. (11:32 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, financial domination, JOI, jerk addict manipulation, cum countdown, stockings, CEI, teaching a young stroker the enjoyment of financial domination.

11 minutes




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