Amadahy – Sissy Suffers a Chastity Inspection (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Sissy Suffers a Chastity Inspection (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy’s sissy says she is having some problems with her chastity. She complains that the chastity is too tight. Amadahy is generous enough to take a look for her. Amadahy is surprised by how tight the chastity actually is. “Tell me, how sensitive are you right now?” Amadahy asks as she strokes the sissy’s balls. The sissy is so sensitive! Amadahy teases with her fingernails and the chastity gets tighter and tighter. The sissy starts to cry out. Amadahy smothers the sissy’s cries in her ass. Amadahy notices that the sissy’s clit just keeps getting bigger and bigger the more she pokes and prods under the sissy’s dress. This just confirms that the sissy has to be locked up for her own good. She’s obviously a whore. The stupid whore clearly doesn’t know what’s good for her. She pleads to be let out of the tight device. The tease of Amadahy’s hands is too much for her sensitive skin. Amadahy tells her that the only way she’s getting out of chastity is if she eats her own cum. The sissy begs. Amadahy has to smother her cries in her ass, again. The inspection is finished for now. Amadahy sends the sissy out to get her dinner and finish the housework. (9:12 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, chastity tease, sissy, tight chastity, face sit, smother, latex

9 minutes




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