Amadahy – Studies on the Human Seat Cushion (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Studies on the Human Seat Cushion (720 HD)

720 HD: Amadahy has checked out the sorority chastity slave for some use. She makes the old chastity slave rub lotion on her amazing bikini body while she wears his chastity key on a belly chain. This girl his half his age and she just signs him out and uses him like an object. His sexuality is completely in her control because of the tight chastity device. She decides to study while sitting on the chastity slave’s face. She sits full weight and begins reading. The slave is utterly humiliated as she reads her book while sitting full weight with a tight seal on his face. Her scrunch butt teeny bikini looks amazing but the chastity slave can’t even enjoy an erection. She sits forward and dangles the key right in his face. Eventually Amadahy gets wet and puts the book down. She finds grinding on the slaves face to be more fun than reading the stupid book. The chastity slave has been signed out all night by different girls. He will be all night long as the sorority girls come down to “study” on his face. Amadahy really gets turned on by face sitting. She just loves sitting on a slaves face. The chastity tube makes it really enjoyable for her since she knows they can’t enjoy anything. It is only about her. One of the sexiest face sitting smother clips we have ever done. Amadahy looks amazing in this clip. (10:10 long)

Clip contains: face sitting, smother, human furniture, scrunch butt bikini, bikini girls, chastity device, key dangling on belly chain, heels, grinding on slaves face to orgasm, bouncing, grinding, rubbing lotion on a bikini girl by old guy who is wearing a chastity tube.

10 minutes




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