Amadahy – Uses a Geek She Keeps in a Closet (720 HD)



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Amadahy – Uses a Geek She Keeps in a Closet (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Amadahy is a mean girl. There is a geek at school that loves her and will do anything for her. He endures all sorts of humiliation just to be near her. She makes him wear her panties and stay in her closet. The clip starts out with Amadahy putting on lip gloss and looking at how pretty she is in a mirror. Then she looks at some pictures of hunks she keeps on her bedroom wall. She then decides to use the geeks face to get off. She puts the geek flat on her bed and mounts his face and rubs her pussy all over the geeks face. She tells him they have to be quiet or her rents will her them. She turns up some music and quietly smothers and face fucks the geek. The geeks hands are cuffed and he is so small he has to do what she says. After she cums she makes the cuck worship her feet and suck her toes. The geek will now have to do her math homework. This is a great glimpse into a Princess bedroom and how geeks are kept by a mean girl like Amadahy. (7:51 long)

Clip contains: geek , geek kept in closet, girls bedroom, pussy worship, nude face sitting, face fucking, and brat girls.

8 minutes




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