Amber and Ava – Cuck Suffers Emotional Emasculation from Consuming Used Condoms

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Beta is sad because he hasn’t came today. Was it because his balls were stretched? Or because he wasn’t allowed? Anyways, the girls are being so nice today. Because he didn’t cum, they are gonna give him cum! Fresh warm used cum filled condoms!!!! He didn’t get to orgasm so the girls are giving him their orgasm. He doesn’t know that he is going to eat today. So this is actually a privilege to get something in his stomach. They wave the condoms in his face while his eyes are closed and make him guess what it is. He has no idea. He doesn’t even know what cum smells like so he really doesn’t know what is tea bagging him in the face. SURPRISE! They make him open his eyes. He is shocked. He is so startled that warm condoms are being served on a plate. PUCKER UP! They started feeding him. They make him open his mouth and cock his head back as they dump the load directly down his throat and on his tongue so he can taste the jizz. He sucks it dry! He eats every last drop. Alpha dick is what was served to him. He tasted a real man.

11 minutes



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