Amber and Ava – Smother Box SUPER PRESSED SMELLING Part 3 of 4

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There are 4 parts to this sexy face sitting clip. I know you are gonna wanna buy all of them!

Part 1:  Amber and Ava just got done at practice. They are all wet from their sweat. Moist and warm they sit on Dinks face. They laugh and giggle because they just love cutting him off of oxygen while making him inhale the wetness. Even though they just had a long hard work out, they still look sexy as hell!!!!

Part 2: Amber had left to go get changed. Ava keeps her ass on Dinks face awaiting her return. She bounces up and down and even takes selfies. Amber walks back in. Looking SO cute. She has really shiny and tight leggings and a cute black bra. Ava gets up so she can shower and get ready. Amber immediately takes a seat. ( This clip is for someone who likes shiny and the sound of rubbing against sheer.)

Part 3: Amber continues to smother Dink. He can only breathe through her shiny smooth leggings. The fibers are so small so he is going to suck in extra hard. She wants the smell to fill his lungs and make him weep. YOU LOVE SHINY!!!!! ( Shiny addicts will love this. )

Part 4: The girls both come back. Amber tells Ava all about her session she had with Dink earlier. Amber wants to show her this new way of turning him into mush. Once he reaches that point then he will do anything they say. She teaches her about getting a really nice tight seal over his face. And that its up to them when they want him to breathe and when they don’t want him to breathe. BREATHE ME IN! HOLD IT!

13 minutes



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