Amber and Benny – Best Friend Shopping Spree and Foot Domination

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Amber and Ben are best friends. Ben has a super crush on Amber.  He likes her a lot.  In more than just a friend way.  Amber knows this but Ben is beta.  Socially awkward and not attractive.  At all.  Amber thinks Ben is a great friend and does not want to lose him as a friend, shopping buddy, uber, outfit tester, and foot masseuse.   Like most hot girls of today, Amber keeps a number of betas, simps, mutts, pay pigs, and cucks in her orbit for her to use.  Amber found benny as a beta and has him transformed into a simp.  She looks at Benny as an easy mark.  She will work him down to a cuck in 24 7 chastity eventually. 

In this clip, Amber let Ben take her on a simp date.  Saturday afternoons are great time for a simp date.  The simp buys outfits for dates with Alpha in the evening.  The simp buys outfits for the girl to wear for her Alpha!  This clip shows Amber coming home from being spoiled! A new pair of red bottoms!  Amber loves to take simp trophy pictures to her boyfriend.  It’s a major flex for a hot girl to her boyfriend.  Amber takes pictures and texts them to her boyfriend.  Amber and her boyfriend text about benny.  How stupid he is and how Amber will get him to pay his cell phone.  You see the texts pop up on the screen as they come and go.  It’s funny how an alpha couple talks about a simp behind his back and in front of his stupid face.  The simp is clueless.  Its funny because he is being taken advantage of. The boyfriend texts her to get the simp to pay his cell phone!  Amber meanwhile has moved the simp on to its knees. He has rubbed her feet, smelled her stocking, rubbed her bare feet and sucked on her toes.  The simp is being made fun of and he has no idea!  There are several Brat Princess audio cut ins reminding the viewer of things.  At the end the simp has to endure even more humiliation!  Stings doesn’t it? (24:33 long)

Female domination, cuckolding, financial domination, stockings, humiliation, foot worship, smelly stockings

24 minutes



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