Amber and Benny – OOPS You Kissed My Foot

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Amber and Benny are best friends.  Benny is always there for Amber and she is always ready to take!  Benny crushes hard on Amber and is socially awkward and is terribly beta.  Amber likes to keep a lot of beta’s in her orbit to use as needs arise.  Things like car rides, help with annoying bills, a shoulder to cry on, and even help with chores around the house that need to be done.  Beta chores like lifting heavy things that need to be lifted, squishing spiders (eww), changing light bulbs in creepy closets, fixing things, dishes, vacuuming, foot rubs, and even helping to pick out date outfits!  In this clip, Amber texts with her amazing boyfriend while her simp Benny gives her a foot rub.  Amber loves toying and teasing with Benny and she playfully has him kiss her feet.  Amber is humiliating him.  Mostly for fun, but also she has a long term plan to exploit him as much as she can.  The humiliation will pave the way for more submissive behavior in the future.  The way she texts her boyfriend about Benny is so funny!   If you are a simp and have ever been out shopping with a girl and you see her texting someone, now you can read what they say about you!!

11 minutes



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