Amber – Keyholder gets First Old Slave Part 1 4K

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Amber – New Keyholder gets First New Old Slave Part 1 4K

In part one of this video, Princess Amber gets her very FIRST OLD slave. Princess Amber shows slave Andy its new home, where she gets ready and where its resting place is. As a new key holder, Princess Amber makes sure to follow all the steps to taking on her NEW used slave. Because of its age, its had other key holders before Amber. (Amber knows that she will likely be its last lol) Like any good key holder, Princess Amber puts her new slave through some tests. This is a great way to see if the slave has any “resistance” to obedience, along with any bad habits it may have picked up throughout its loser life in chastity. (Face slaps are a good first step. Then comes the whipping & shocking) Princess Amber goes through all the protocols: checking its chastity cage (making sure its small enough), testing out the ball shocker to monitor its pain levels, testing out the new whips to see which elicit the best responses (all the usual stuff) Princess Amber has NEVER had her own full time live-in slave, so there’s A LOL that she has to go over with this new loser! Like how to serve her, teaching it commands, and explaining what kind of key holder she’s gonna be. For its first day under Amber’s reign, Andy is ALREADY learning a lot… PHYSICALLY & mentally! Hahah
– Princess Amber
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