Amber Lexi and Nika – Chastity Coach and Doctor

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Nika’s boy cheated. So, she thinks his punishment needs to be CHASTITY. He needs to be locked up. He tells her NO and fights against it. So Nika threatens to take away his access to the bank account if he doesn’t. He is so disrespectful. It leaves Nika no other choice. She must take him to the chastity coach and doctor. Lexi is a chastity coach and Amber is a beta obedience doctor. They ask her why they came into the office today. Its because she realized she is too good for him. And now she is with his step-father, so he needs to be in chastity so he doesn’t get hard around her. Lucky for her, Amber and Lexi have helped THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of girls locking boys in chastity and making them behave. Its all about OBEDIENCE and MIND FUCKING. Lexi is really good at helping with strict chastity regimens. The girls show Nika the different sizes of chastity. They find the perfect one for this bozo. They make him go try it on. They inspect it and see that he will soon need a smaller size. They will shrink it in no time. The whole purpose is to shrink it. He complains. Nika suggests an emergency castration. They do that on rare occasions. Hopefully they can fix him before it turns into an emergency. Nika takes a pic of him wearing his chastity and sends it to his step-father! LOL Now that Lexi has figured out the chastity situation its time for Amber to start fixing his behavior. He needs it….bad. She relaxes him with her words to clear his mind and give him a normal instinct. As she speaks the more obedient and submissive he becomes. When she counts down to 10 he will be completely unaware of what is going on. All he will know is that Nika is in charge.

28 minutes



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