Amber Shared – A Day in the Life of My Cuck Part 2 of 5

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In this 5-part series of clips I show what it is like for a Cuck that has committed to a total power exchange.  I love humiliation.  I love breaking old men into a gooning desperate creature that lives to make me laugh.  I work it and I get his paycheck.  It buys me outfits for me to wear for my Boyfriends.  Gooning and edging is a big part of exploiting males.  Constant chastity is not enough.  To maximize my profits and happiness it is important to let a cuck out to humiliate itself through gooning and edging.  It wipes out their self-esteem.  It makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood. 

In this part, continues his humiliation by gooning to more shiny.  His shiny fetish obsession is coming along nicely.  It will make it easier for me to wring more cash out of him in the future.  Can you imagine the debt Andy will go into just to goon to shiny? I am wearing a shiny Blue Hiragato outfit that drives Andy insane!  He gets to several edges that I take him off quickly by shocking its balls full impact.  Andy loves to see me smile and laugh!  He encourages me to shock him just to see me laugh!  It is so rewarding to me and empowering for Me to humiliate an old man like this!   (12:07) long

12 minutes



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