Amber Shared – Keyholder gets First Old Slave Part 2 (4K)

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Amber Shared – New Keyholder gets First Old Slave Part 2 (4K)

In part two of this clip, I surprise my NEW Old loser slave with a gift…. SPHERES! I got it spheres!!! Its this super cool device that I found on some foreign website that you put on a losers head and hands. Its funny how helpless it is when its wearing the spheres. But to really get this dummy excited, I let it smell and worship my bare feet! I continue explaining all the chores it’s gonna have to do, like licking up my spit off the floor and frequent foot worship. If this idiot thinks this is some sort of “retirement home” then its got a rude awakening ahead. The constant torment and humiliation will leave little to no time for this loser to rest, serving me is a FULL TIME JOB! I’m talking 24/7 servitude (which is why I practice training it to get out of its cage as FAST AS IT CAN when I press its BALL SHOCKER! lol) I teach slave Andy its brand new position, VULNERABLE! Its a beta pose that puts them in an open position. Once it has its new commands down, I stuff it inside the spheres for my one amusement, taunting and tormenting my new old slave hahaha

– Princess Amber
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