Annabelle Ava and Eve – JOI Helps Cure Chastity Blues for Obedience

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After the girls previously got slave Fluffy sized down, things were good for a little bit. He was obeying and doing his chores but it seemed like he was moping and always wanting to hide in his cage. Like when they would shower, he never got too excited about it. They weren’t sure if he was sick or something. They take him back to Annabelle so she can find a solution to the issue they are having. Annabelle asked a few questions and quickly realized. IT’S A CASE OF THE CHASTITY BLUES! She explains that basically after a long time of being in chastity and not getting an erection it makes it get depressed. But she can fix it. She needs him to edge. To feel that little bubbly feeling again so it can get back to his old self. Annabelle demands he jerks his little dick and gets as hard as possible. She even helps him and jerks him while making him suck her tits. This will get him extra hard, happy, and excited. They decide to play a little game of red-light green-light. Red light means stop. Green light means goon! He wants to cum so bad, but they won’t let him. How pathetic. They tease him and put him through a brutal game and once he’s on edge BOOM they lock him back up. He should be good now, thanks to Annabelle’s great advice.


  • CURE FOR CHASTITY BLUES : Release from chastity, tease, and edge. Get slave excited so the feelings come back to the brain and body. Immediately lock back up and you should be good for another few months. Be consistent for long-lasting results.

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Annabelle Ava and Eve – Beta Unit Sized Down at Princess Manor

12 minutes



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