Astro and Lola – Cow Sold for Profit (720 HD)



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Astro and Lola – Cow Sold for Profit (720 HD)

720 HD: Cow Echo is up for sale. Astro comes to the milking facility to kick the tires so to speak. Cow Echo has to suffer the indignity of being looked over and sold as a pre cum cow. Lola explains how they like to bounce the males on the milking bench. Bouncing means the male is kept right on the edge of orgasm. Lola explains the controls of the software to Astro. Astro sits her amazing ass on the cows face and the cow begins to bounce. Astro can feel a tingle in her clit while the cow gets a shutdown shock. Astro then selects the manual shock button. Lola does not feel he got the full effect since the manual shock was piggy backed on a shutdown shock. So she shocks him again for fun. Echo begins to bounce. Lola sits on his face and the cow screams into her cunt. Astro likes to ride the lightening! Lol. Lola keeps pressing the manual; shock button while Astro sits on his face. It feels great for her! Lola increases the denial voltage to full so Astro can see how that feels. Astro keeps hopping on his face every time a shock comes. The girls then decide to let Echo have a very rare orgasm. They place the milker in manual mode. The girls crank up the stroke speed and suction. Echo cries out! The girls crank up the stroke speed to near full. The milker Echo to orgasm! This clip also has a couple milking machine highlight videos at the end. (7:53 long)
Clip contains: Astro, Lola, male milking machine, highlight videos, tease and denial, cock and ball bondage,

22 minutes




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