Astro and Lola – Cucumber Reaming for Sissy Jane (720 HD)



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Astro and Lola – Cucumber Reaming for Sissy Jane (720 HD)

720 HD: Jane is back from the Sissy contest with bad news. The judges said her chastity tube is too small. They thought that her butt plug was too small as well. Jane is humiliated as the girls inspect her chastity tube and butt plug. They first start training her cock sucking skills. They start with a small gherkin. Astro shoves the gherkin down his throat. They need to get rid of her gag reflex. they move to working out and stretching her ass. The girls start off first with a small gherkin up her asshole. Jane is humiliated. Jane has this look on her face as she is with the gherkin. They move on to the much larger cucumber. Jane bucks against her ties. Jane is so upset her ass hole is being stretched this far with a cucumber. Pretty soon the girls are just reaming her ass hole out with the cucumber. Her hole is getting so big! Astro then takes the cucumber and start thrusting it harder and deeper into her. Lola feeds Jane a gherkin while Astro fucks her hole with a cucumber. Jane bites into the gherkin while she watches her hole being stretched out from Astros thrusting. Jane is being stretched! Jane is given snack while Astro fucks his ass. Eat your cucumber Jane! Jane is completely humiliated. AT the end we show a quick clip of Astro banging Janes ass from behind in a deep grudge fuck. This clips also has highlight video at the end as well. (19:34 long)
Clip contains: Astro, Lola, sissy training, ass fucking, gherkins

19 minutes




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