Astro and Lola – Human Sink Training (720 HD)



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Astro and Lola – Human Sink Training (720 HD)

720 HD: Before a male is turned into a human toilet, he is first used as a sink. The clip starts off with the human sink in training. It is tied to a pipe with a cruel drain gag tied to its skull. The human sink has a toilet brush stuffed half way down its throat. Lola enters and reams out its throat so she knows there are no obstructions. The girls want their tights cleaned! They want their panties cleaned! Lola washes the tights and panties and then rinses the grey water down the slaves mouth. It must swallow all the grey water. Astro and Lola chit chat as Lola continues to rinse the tights and cheer shorts down the slaves throat. The slave struggles to absorb all the grey water. It gets the brush! Lola reams out its mouth with the toilet brush. In segment 2, Lola then shaves her legs and washes the legs shavings down the sinks mouth. The slave has no choice but to swallow all the clippings. When the slave is in actual use for multiple girls, a sink would have to flush down the hair clippings from 3 or 4 girls at once. Lola pours the leg clippings and water down its throat. The sink backs up and it gets the brush. Astro giggles and laughs as Lola reams out its mouth again with the brush. In the final segment both Astro and Lola brush their teeth and spit into the slaves mouth. The slave is learning how to be a sink. This clip also has a bonus highlight video at the end. (27:10 long)
Clip contains: Astro, Lola, human sink, human furniture, spiting, leg shaving, flossing

27 minutes




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