Astro and Lola – Jane gets Ready for a Sissy Contest (720 HD)



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Astro and Lola – Jane gets Ready for a Sissy Contest (720 HD)

720 HD: Astro and Lola decide to enter Jane into this years Sissy contest. The sissies are evaluated in 3 categories. Tightest chastity tube, best cock sucking skills, and best dressed are the areas of interest for the judges. In this clip, Jane undergoes the humiliation of being prepped for the contest. Astro and Lola will split the money from the contest. Jane is to admit that he is not a man but a girl. His penis is too small to be a man. Jane is dressed in a ridiculous sissy outfit. The girls teach him how to curtsey. they put of Mary Janes on Janes stocking feet. They instruct Jane that when she curtseys she must show the judges her chastity tube. The girls then put makeup on Jane. She is so pretty! the butt plug. The girls think the judges will love the butt plug and earn extra points. Jane lifts her sissy dress and the girls stuff his ass with a pink butt plug. The girls then instruct her how to walk like a girl and practice her curtsey. Sissy Jane is all ready for the contest. The rest is up to her. She has to want it! (7:00 long)
Clip contains: Astro, Lola, sissy training, chastity, butt plugging,

36 minutes




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