Astro and Lola – Smothered Trampled and Teased Agony (720 HD)



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Astro and Lola – Smothered Trampled and Teased Agony (720 HD)

720 HD: Astro and Lola are finished with a milking cow for the evening. He is all locked up back in chastity and is ready to spend the night in bondage in the toilet box. The girls decide to have some smother trample fun at the slaves expense. The girls take turns standing and stomping on the slaves chest while the other sits full weight on his face. The girls use a leash tied to his chastity tube, (normally used as transport control), to balance themselves as they stand on its top. Astro her foot into the slaves mouth while Lola tickles the balls. She uses her stocking feet to tease the slaves balls while Astro sits full weight on the slaves face. Lola loves teasing the cow in chastity; she grinds herself onto the slaves locked up cock and balls. Lola then decides to unlock the cow from chastity for an edging. The cow is surprised to find himself out of chastity. Lola expertly uses her hands to get the cow to an instant hard on. Astro then gives him a foot job while Lola sits on his face. After a few minutes of edging the girls decide to lock him back in chastity. This is a Brat Princess classic you have to own! (18:58 long)
Clip contains: Astro, Lola, trample, face sitting, smother box, some stomping, chastity tease, stockings

19 minutes




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