Ava and Sablique – Beta Taken to a Level of Submission

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Ava and Sablique – Beta Taken to a New Level of Submission

Ava takes her beta to the slave expert. Sablique, specializes in checking in on the slaves of the BP house. From checking chastity to checking on financial debt and over all obedience of the slave. She checks and makes sure he is working enough hours and giving her right amount of money each week. She shows Ava a cool new ball shocker. It vibrates and shocks. But they won’t be using the nice vibration. Straight to shocking. Fluffy sits on his knees in chastity with the ball shocker around it and a gag in his mouth. They shock him over and over til he is drooling on the floor. Ava loves this device. She can clip the remote right on her outfit! , Sablique brings out the spheres. She loosens the screws on the sides and puts Fluffys hands inside. She puts the larger one over his head. He can’t see and he can’t use his hands! How funny!!! Sablique shows Ava the funnel that goes directly into the sphere. You can use him as a human ashtray, urinal or even spit in it so he can have a little drink! She brings out a cool transportation device and shows Ava the benefits of using it. These new devices are definitely going to go to good use. Looks like Fluffy is in good condition!

Princess Crystal

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