Ava – Brutal Ball Busting Slave Tryout

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I found a new slave and I want to test him out and see if he will be a good ball busting slave for my content. Can he handle my powerful kicks? Since it’s his first time being ball busted I handcuff him so he can’t move his hands at all and try to block my kicks. I teach him to present his balls which gets him in the perfect position and ready for my kicks. Then I humiliate him even more and attach this phone case that he has to hold with his mouth and I can put my phone in it and record videos hahah. It gives the best POV angles!! It will make you squirm and twitch your dick as if i’m about to actually kick your balls lol. I make him fall down numerous times from my kicks but I make him get right back up and take more! After going thru all the different types of kicks from the front and back I tease him by waving the chastity key in his face and I make him go right back into chastity and lock it up! This video ends with a 2 minute slow motion clip of all my ball busting kicks.

17 minutes



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