Ava – Ego Destroying Findom Mind Fuck with Built in After Care

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This clip is for findom curious and findom resistive beta’s.  The clip hits your brain from multiple areas.  The clip constantly reminds you of your shortcomings as a male and how natural it is for you to stroke and send to pretty girls.  Numerous brat princess audio cut ins keep reminding you as you jerk.  Encouraging you and yes demanding that you give in to Ava.  The clip has a built-in aftercare!  At the end after you have been hit with a lot of truth, Ava makes you feel better about what you face going forward in your life.  She helps you through this.  There is a lot of truth in this clip.  Truth hurts.  This clip will hurt you if you are not ready for it.  The viewer should brace themselves emotionally before jerking to it.  Let the poison fill your brain.  Jerk to it and let your sexual desire change your brain and make you accept the truth of your position in life.  The after care at the end will give you a pick me up to allow for future sessions.  The clip should be watched over and over until the after-care part is no longer needed.  Your acceptance as a beta loser will eventually come.  It just takes time!  Buy the clip, jerk to it, and begin serving Ava today!

21 minutes



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