Ava – JOI Chastity Acceptance Mesmerize

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Part of a robust chastity regimen is periodic gooning and edging.  This clip is for a beta who knows chastity is for him to endure now or sometime in the future.  Useless as a man, it realizes chastity is his destiny.  If you are already in chastity, it is important to get release and periodically goon or edge but not cum!  Concerned Chastity Experts say that long term chastity with no teasing or edging leads to less production for the keyholder.  It is important to let the beta goon and build up frustration and then be locked back up.  Some great occasions to grant release are:  Beginning of Bikini season, before or after a pool party, after sex with boyfriend while holding condoms in mouth, before a hard rinse, or just for the fun of it.  Weekly gooning teases are probably the best!  This clip takes you through several edges with green lights and red lights.  The beta is constantly teased and humiliated throughout the clip.  Audio and text insults combine to reduce self-esteem while at the same time increasing sexual frustration!  Many audio cut-ins from several Brat Princesses!  If you like JOI and or chastity you will love this clip.  This clip will do a number on a beta! (14:44 long)

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