Ava – Slave Used as Tripod 4K

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I love doing my makeup. It’s so much fun, and now I found a better way to apply it. I had to make good use of my slave duhh lol. I found this new selfie device and now the beta can be a mirror for me while I apply my lipgloss or take pictures. It’s so cool it goes right into the betas mouth and holds the phone up like a tripod! You can get all sorts of awesome angles! It definitely takes some getting used to since this slave was so stupid and it took a bunch of times to get good picture angles. Don’t worry I yell at him and put him in his place whenever he takes a bad angle selfie. Making him even take my ass pictures lol that I will be sending to my alpha boyfriend heheh. I make the slave follow me around with the selfie tripod while It films content for me. Watch the clip to find out what else I make the beta tripod do! At the end of the clip you hear me talk about ball busting him with the tripod. You can find that clip on my page as well!!

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