Bella and Christina – Red Light Green Light Cum Lick Up (1080 HD)



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Bella and Christina – Red Light Green Light Cum Lick Up (1080 HD)

720 HD: PREVIOUSLY RELEASED! This cuck is being used hard by Bella. Bella shows off her cuck to Christina and brags about how much money she got from him. The cuck even bought concert tickets for her and her boyfriends to go out later. This cuck has been locked up in chastity for 8 months. The cuck has endured eight long months of chastity. The cuck is so frustrated. This was just going to be a red light green light video and then locked back up but Bella decided to let it cum on her feet. The girls spit and make the cuck lick their dirty shoes first. The cuck is let out of chastity and the girls begin the red light green light. The cuck has been in chastity for 8 long months. The cuck is eventually allowed to cum on her toes. The girls laugh and laugh. You cannot believe how much cum an eight month chastity cuck cums until you have seen it. The girls laugh and laugh at the huge amounts of cum that pours out of his frustrated cock. It lands all over her feet and on to the floor. The girls laff and laff at this massive amount of cum. Then Bella and Christina make the cuck lick the cum of her feet. Then they even make the cuck lick his own puddle of cum off the floor. The girls are amazed at how much he is humiliated by this act. The girls lock him back into chastity and the cuck will not get out again until spring 2013 at the earliest. The cuck knows that her boyfriend will get to fuck her later after going to the concert he paid for. The cuck got to lick up his own cum. Extreme humiliation. Bella even makes fun of him how he is still a virgin. EVERYTHING SAID IN THIS VIDEO IS REAL. (7:38 long)

Clip contains: cum licking, cum eating, red light green light, spitting, foot worship, cumming onto toes and extreme humiliation .

18 minutes




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