Bella Madison and Mia – Humiliation Edging JOI (1080 HD)



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Bella Madison and Mia – Humiliation Edging JOI (1080 HD)

720 HD: PREVIOUSLY RELEASED! The girls are just so cruel in this clip. The girls decide it would be fun for him to eat all of Mias toe nail clippings. The slave is on his knees licking the boots of the girls waiting for Mias toe clippings. He hears the painful giggles of the girls as they discuss his life as a wallet, toilet, and loser. Mia then drops a pile of toe nail clipping into his open mouth. The cucks mouth is shut and ordered to swallow. The girls spit and toe nail clippings go right into its stomach. Madison used him as a toilet earlier so he has that in there as well. The girls want to continue is bbrain re wiring. They allow him out of chastity so he can get hard. They want him to equate eating toe nail clippings to sexual pleasure. The girls begin edging the poor frustrated cuck. The girls spit and laugh right in his stupid cuck face. The girls have complete control over him. They instruct him to jerk faster and laugh at his small dick. The video ends with him crawling off to be a toilet for THREE GIRLS! A CLASSIC BRAT PRINCESS CLIP! (10:58 long)

Clip contains: extreme humiliation, toe nail eating, foot worship, spitting, JOI, jerk of instruction, red light green light, bbbrain re wire, girl giggling, EXTREME BRAT PRINCESS BEHAIVOR, and emotional sadism..

11 minutes




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