Bella Worship My Ass While I Study (Complete)



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Bella Worship My Ass While I Study (Complete)

Part 1: The video starts of showing the clutter of Bellas bedroom; bras panties, shopping bags, and other clothes. The camera pulls out to show Bella studying while listening to HER music. Kicking her cute sock covered feet and snapping her gum while singing along to her music. The cuck step-daddy is behind her rubbing her legs. Harder please. Cheerleading practice was crazy today. We had to do 4 Russians in a row. The girls dont have high enough jumps. Math home work is so stupid. Isnt that what men are for? You love my lady lumps right step daddy? GIGGLE I found a condom underneath my bed you forgot to clean up. time I will make you eat all the cum thats in it Worship my ass step daddy. Such is the life for Princess Bella. She has her step daddy completely controlled. Step Daddy I want a skirt just like this one in the video. I want it really bad. She calls her bff Christina and she tells her that her step daddy is licking her ass. Christina wants the same skirt Bella wants. This video offers a great glimpse into the life of a Brat Princess and her cuck step-daddy. This and all the clips in this series are an absolute must buy. Ass worship, and extreme Brat Princess behavior.
Part 2: It makes me feel like a Princess when you lick my ass. Princess simply announces to her cuck step-daddy about her special bk party this weekend. She giggles as she describes the scene. Wont that be fun step daddy? Stick your tongue out! Bella arches her back to shove his tongue further up her ass. She is so cruel as she counts all her friends coming to her step daddys bk. Take off my socks. See I got a pedicure. She teases his chastity tube with her perfect feet. Back on her stomach she teases his cock with her feet. The cuck step-daddy stands there while she plays with his cb 3000 with her toes. She remembers she left the cucks chastity key in her locker at school. Sorry! She then shoves her foot in his face. Some great foot worship as the cuck step-daddy licks between her toes. If I did not forget my key you could of made a worship puddle on my toes. Tongue out! She then wipes her foot on his face. This video and all others from this series are all must buys. Ass Worship, foot worship. Brat Talk, are all in this video. You have to get this video. You get to hear a real live 18 year old cheerleader plan a ball kicking party at her step daddys expense. Part 3: Bella flips on her back and sticks her feet up in the cuck daddys face. The vision of a 37 year old man standing naked with the exception of a CB 3000, licking his 18 year old daughters feet. Total female dominance. More gum snapping. I know you have a 401K, Im not dumb. I eventually want that in my name. She laughs and laughs as she covers his face with her feet and she playfully kicks his face. Youre so stupid. Bella then lies the cuck step-daddy on his back and she mounts his face. Sliding her panties down she starts hopping on his face. Bella bounces and wiggles on her cuck daddys face. Stick your tongue out! She then bounces and smothers his face. She really gets air as she bounces on his face. She then taps on his chastity tube while she is bouncing on his face. Princess enjoys a song while bouncing on her cuck daddys face. The pounding continues as she bounces and dances on his face. She really loves the music so she stands up and starts bouncing on the bed. The cuck step-daddy has to lie still as the Brat Princess Bella bounces around on the bed around him. You have to get this video. (33:30 Long)

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