BP – 1000 Kicks While Chained Up Video Fail (720 HD)



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BP – 1000 Kicks While Chained Up Video Fail (720 HD)

720 HD: This video was shot some time ago. The girls wanted to make the first 1000 kick ball kicking video. The money from it would buy bikinis and outfits for spring break. The ball kicking slave was told before the video while still in its cage what was going to happen to him and his balls. Then the kicking began. When the girls made it into the 140’s the slave went unresponsive after a vicious kick by Amadahy. Emma was furious. He was ruining the video. Megan thought they should stop but Emma disagreed. So Emma started kicking him again. But the fact he was unresponsive was ruining the video. Without the screaming they might as well be kicking a dummy over and over. The slave had been tied up for the 1000 kicks so it left his legs open and vulnerable for the girls to continue kicking it that way if they wanted. Amadahy then gets a glass of water and splashes him right in his face! It is so funny. Then Emma starts yelling at him for doing that. She then starts giving the slave penalty kicks! The video ends when one particular hard kick caused an injury that required the filming to stop. It got to messy. So this video shows our ATTEMPT at 1000 kicks in one video. The beginning is cut off for time and the end is cut off because of becoming too messy after an injury. This clip does show the part where the slave goes unresponsive and the discussion of whether or not to continue. It shows the girls working through their moral dilemma of profit vs. kicking a tied up unresponsive slave in its testicles. Enjoy! (8:00 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Emma, Megan, Ball busting, sadism, and brat girls.

8 minutes




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