BP – 4 Girls Kick and Crush the Testicles of One Male Part 2 (720 HD)



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BP – 4 Girls Kick and Crush the Testicles of One Male Part 2 (720 HD)

720 HD In part 2, the girls get a ball crusher out and begin to crush his balls. Amadahy starts tightening the screws on his balls. The slave begins to cry. One after the other the girls take turns tightening his balls. They tell him to kneel. He refuses. They tighten the ball crusher until he kneels. The slave cries out for his balls. The girls don’t care. They continue to tighten them. The slave begs for his balls. Jennifer tells him he does not own his balls any more. They can tighten them more and more. The slave screams. His balls are being flattened. He cries and the girls laff. They also start hitting his balls in the crusher. Jennifer decides to tighten it all the way. Now Jennifer stands on him. His hands are handcuffed behind his back and his balls are crushed. Jennifer begins to trample him. Jennifer then starts to flutter kicks his compressed flat balls. His balls are being destroyed! Jennifer kicks his compressed balls. The slave screams in agony as Jennifer kicks his balls over and over. The clip ends with Jennifer kicking his flattened balls. This clip is amazing (13:34 long)
Clip contains: > Amadahy, Jennifer, Riley, ball punching, handcuffs, ball crushing, flutter kicks, trample.

13 minutes




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