BP – 4 Mean Girls Shove Lola’s face in Dirty Mop Bucket (720 HD)



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BP – 4 Mean Girls Shove Lola’s face in Dirty Mop Bucket (720 HD)

720 HD: The sorority girls are so mean to poor lola. She is on her hands on knees trying to scrub the kitchen floor clean. While she scrubs away the mean girls insult lola about her looks and lack of money. The rich snobby girls make fun of poor lola. Princess Taylor walks in and decides she wants to dunk her head in the dirty water just for fun. Taylor is so mean. Taylor is an 18 year old spoiled brat. Her rich step-dad makes it possible for her to humiliate and poor lola. She grabs her hair and shoves her face into the filthy water. Lola bursts into tears and the girls just laugh at her. Lola weeps as the girls make fun of her for being poor and ugly. The girls dunk her head over and over into the bucket of filthy water. It is so funny! Lola cries and cries which just makes the girls meaner. The girls then make her kiss their shoes. The girls arrogantly stick their shoes out for her to kiss. The girls walk out and make lola clean up her mess. She scrubs away sobbing softly as the girls watch and laugh. A Brat Princess Classic! You have to own this clip! (8:26 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, Mia, Taylor, lola, bullying, extreme humiliation, dunking girls head into dirty bucket of water, shoe kissing, extreme verbal humiliation, sobbing, extreme emotional sadism, rich girls making fun of poor girl, mean sorority girls, and, and brat girls.

8 minutes




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