BP – 5 Girl Trample Party on a Fat Loser (720 HD)



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BP – 5 Girl Trample Party on a Fat Loser (720 HD)

720 HD: This is an epic trample clip. Starring: Goddess Noe and Mya from American Mean Girls, plus Princess Megan Sweetz, Princess Dakota, and Princess Amadahy. The girls start off with heels. They stand on the fat pig and take pictures using his as a runway. Noe digs her heels into its flesh making it scream out in pain. The girls just laugh. Mya bring her heel up and crashes it down over and over into its chest and stomach. She stomps on the slave’s chest with her heels on. This is very painful for the fat slave. The slaves blubber protects its vital organs some but the pain is immense. Goddess Noe is the Queen of trample. She does not care at all how much her heels hurt the slave. She just stands full weight and marches with her stilettos. She grinds them into its chest and stomach. The girls then take their shoes off and all stand barefoot on the slave AT THE SAME TIME! 5 Girls on the slave at one time! The slave is completely flattened. Amadahy stands right on its head. Mya even slams her foot down while all the girls are standing. Then it is time for solo barefoot trample. Goddess Noe and Mya just absolutely destroy the slave. They jump into the air and smash their feet into him over and over. Mya literally braces herself and crashes her heel into the slave as hard as she can. Goddess Noe who is complete sadist just laughs. You have to buy this epic 5 Princess Trample Movie. A BRAT PRINCESS CLASSIC! BUY THIS CLIP! Note: The slave did survive this clip. You will wonder after seeing this. (12:07 long)

Clip contains: Noe, Mya, Amadahy, Megan Sweetz, Dakota, extreme heel trample, bare foot trample, girls jumping onto slaves chest, fat slave humiliation, 5 girls standing on slave at the same time.

12 minutes




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