BP – Mean Girls Older Cleaning Lady and Janitor (720 HD)



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BP – Mean Girls Older Cleaning Lady and Janitor (720 HD)

720 HD: Merry Christmas from Brat Princess. This is probably the most humiliating video we shot all year. Mrs. Lowman finds herself at the feet of Sophie, Mia, and Victoria. The girls are just brutal with her. The humiliation was so brutal she kept tearing up. We had to stop shooting a few times so Lowman could compose herself. Sophie insisted we keep going. The tearing up got worst and eventually Mrs. Lowman just left. She just got up and left the sorority house. So that part of the video is only about 5 minutes long. During those 5 minutes the girls are so mean to Mrs. Lowman. Mia keeps shoving her toes in her mouth and yelling at her to worship her feet. Sophie is the cruelest of all making it her goal to make her cry. Mrs. Lowman is the girl’s sorority house cleaning lady and the girls make her life miserable. She knows they can call the Dean and have her fired so she would lose her job. After she left the stupid male janitor is next. This segment is brutal as well. The girls are just complete mean Brat Princesses to the idiot. The mean girls make it lick their shoes clean. They make it lick their dirty shoes clean. They spit right in its face and laugh about it. The fool just takes it because he knows that if they call the police it is he that will get in trouble. Pretty girls are always believed over a stupid ugly old fool janitor. This part is around 13 minutes long. Both segments are released as one so we can offer a good discount to the clip. Have a Merry Christmas and make sure you spoil a Princess this year. (18:51 long)

Clip contains: EXTREME EMOTIONAL SADISM, young girl cruelty to older woman, older woman worshipping feet of 19 year old hot girls, taunting, spitting right in face of janitor by mean girls, giggle, mean girl laughter at humiliation of older adults, financial domination, making older woman feel horrible about herself, mocking poor people, and extreme Brat Girls.

19 minutes




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