Brandi and Sophie – Smash its balls until its moans and screams makes me cum



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Brandi and Sophie – Smash its balls until its moans and screams makes me cum

1080 HD: This clip is really hot. The clip starts out with Sophie telling Brandi how she completely bitched out her sugar step-daddy over the phone. She was screaming at him so loud his coworkers could hear her throwing her tantrum. She even bitched out the sugar daddies secretary to put her through to him. Sophie is a complete Princess and really will let a sugar step-daddy know when she is not happy. Then she places Brandi right on the slaves face in such a way that his moans and screams make Brandi feel good. Brandi sits full weight with her round ass while Sophie kicks, knees, and punches the slave’s balls. Each kick makes Brandi happy as his moan tickles her clit. Sophie starts making out with Brandi and at the same time knees the slave’s balls until Brandi is happy. Sophie really wants to please Brandi and is not afraid to beat the slave’s balls as hard as she can. She makes sure the slaves legs are fully spread as she pounds away on the slave’s balls. Then it is Sophie’s turn. Sophie really loves the vibrations from his screams. Brandi brings her leg back and knees the slave’s balls hard and Sophie really grinds down and whimpers. Eventually knees and testicle smashing brings Sophie close to an orgasm. Sophie grinds away and begs Brandi not to stop. Brandi brings her girl friend to a powerful orgasm kneeing the slave’s balls hard. Sophie screams out “Make it hurt!” This is probably the most unique ball busting clip we ever have done and is probably one of the hottest Brat Princess clips ever. Buy this clip. SMOTHERING, FACE SITTING, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, SUGAR STEP-DADDY HUMILIATION, GIRL GIRL KISSING, FEMALE ORGASM, BALL BUSTING, BALL KNEEING, BALL SMASHING, BALL SLAPPING, and EXTREME BRAT PRINCESS BEHAIVOR. (9:10 long)

9 minutes




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