Brandi – Stinky winter boot foot worship (Part 1 of 2)



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Brandi – Stinky winter boot foot worship (Part 1 of 2)

1080 HD: Princess Brandi has been wearing these boots all winter. It has been a tough winter so the slave will have to lick them clean to near brand new condition or Brandi will just have to have a boy buy her a new pair. Brandi arrogantly wipes her filthy boots on the slaves tongue over and over. When the slave gets thirsty she spits in his mouth over and over. You can really hear the scraping of the tread on the slaves tongue. Then she takes off her boot and puts her stinky socks right in his face. These socks you could smell from feet away. She came over and just started shooting so this is pretty gross for the salve. Brandi stands on the slaves chest and puts her feet in his face as well. Brandi uses her slave like a lounge chair and sticks her stocking feet right in its face. AT the end if part I she peels off her socks and puts her sweaty feet right in his mouth. Sock comes off and the feet go right in. FILTHY WINTER BOOT WORSHIP AND CLEANING, STINKY SOCKS WORN IN BOOTS ALL DAY, SOCK SMELLING, SPITTING, and BARE FOOTWORSHIP. (9:53 long)

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