Brandi tries on some swim suits



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Brandi tries on some swim suits

Brandi calls for the house slave to come in and asks the slave if she looks pretty. Brandi is upset that she did not buy enough bathing suits for this month. She is so bitchy and whiney about getting more bathing suits. She keeps asking the house slave if she is hot while the slave has to lick her shoes. Brandi wanted 5 other suits and demands they go back to the mall and buy more bathing suits. She then tells the slave to get the pink one and she uses the slave as a changing chair. She slips out of bathing suit and realizes the shoes that go with her suit are disgusting. (They were awful!) Brandi uses his mouth to clean up her shoes. She leaves the she stuffed in the cucks mouth and she realizes the suit is faded. She wore it just once and it is already faded. She wanted to get two of the same kind but the slave was cheap. She wants it replaced. She wants 2 more to for the rest of the month. Brandi is s happy she is going to get all the suits she wanted that so she allows the cuck the chance to lick her ass. The cuck then licks the girl’s ass while she primps in the mirror. This clip has financial domination, ass licking, bitchy whining, and Brandi. Brandi fans have to get this video! (11:10 long)

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