Brat Princess – Ball Busting Brat Cheerleaders (1280×720)



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Brat Princess – Ball Busting Brat Cheerleaders (1280×720)

720 HD: This is actually 2 small videos and then the one longer video where the cheerleaders come in and destroy its balls. The ball kicking slave is brought out of the basement for freshmen Brat Princess Crystal to get some practice kicks in. Big Sorority Step-Sis Sophie instructs the 18 year old how to destroy its balls with hard kicks. Crystal thinks its fun! Then in part 2 the girls are all dressed up in their club gear and destroy its balls wearing boots. Sophie looks amazing in her skin tight latex dress and freshmen Crystal and Victoria look stunning in their metallic tank dresses. They each practice several hard kicks in boots! OMG!! Then in part 3 the cheerleaders get their turn. Real life college cheerleaders Victoria and Mia make the slave suffer the indignity of being kicked in the balls by a couple of freshmen cheerleaders. The cheerleaders show much attitude in this clip. They get very irritated when it does not stand up fast enough. They also spit right in its face before they kick its balls in. This is a great Brat Princess Ball kicking video! 3 unique scenes with unique outfits. Plus you get 4 Brats! Crystal, Mia, Sophie, and Victoria. Clip contains: Ball busting, latex dresses, metallic dresses, cheerleaders, and spitting. (9:36 long)

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