Brat Princess – Ballbusted by Ugg Boots over and over (720 HD)



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Brat Princess – Ballbusted by Ugg Boots over and over (720 HD)

720 HD: Christina Crystal and Vanessa are on vacation and decide to film a ball busting video to help pay for the trip. Lola is also their along with the rest of Christians shoes and outfits she brought. The slave’s mouth is stuffed with panties to keep the screaming and noise down so we don’t get kicked out of the hotel while kicking its balls in. Christina really cuts lose with some vicious hard kicks. The panties do the trick. You can just hear a muffled screams and moans along with the giggling of the girls. That was perfect so the girls could kick really hard without its screams alerting the authorities. Princess Vanessa is wearing her Ugg boots and just pounds its balls. Over and over you hear the dull thud of Ugg boots against ball bag with muffled screams and moans through the pantie gag. Christina holds the flailing arms tight as the ball kicking slave is kicked over and over. The sound of this video is sickening as Vanessa kicks very hard over and over. Each of her hard kicks hit directly on its balls. The nice thing about ball kicking in Uggs is how comfortable it is for the girls. They can kick very hard without any discomfort. Vanessa does get a little winded from the repeated ball kicks. Lola is also a good girl and Christina allows her slave some play time with the slave. Lola bats and slaps the ball kicking slave’s balls around for good measure. Lola loves beating balls. Crystal is wearing some fierce boots so when she kicks it really hurts as well. (8:46 long)

Clip contains: Ball busting, ball busting with arms held behind back, lesbian slave girl batting balls with fists, Ugg boots, repeated kicks from Ugg boots, ball busting with mouth stuffed with panties, hotel room ball busting, and brat girls.

9 minutes




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