Brat Princess – Ballbusting and Head Dunking in Waste (720 HD)



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Brat Princess – Ballbusting and Head Dunking in Waste (720 HD)

720 HD: The girls are in an especially cruel mood. They have a ball busting slave to kick and poor Lola to destroy. The girls absolutely destroy the slave’s balls. Crystal uses heavy boots and kicks as hard as she can. Jennifer has some very sexy blue shoes and is a sadistic kicker. Amadahy kicks so hard it drops the slave to his knees. Amadahy brings in a waste bucket that the girls make Lola dunk her head in. The girls spit in the bucket and make Lola dunk her head in the waste and spit. The girls are having a ball! They are kicking the slave’s balls off and they get to humiliate stupid slave Lola. The girls give Lola a verbal dunk command and she dunks her head in the waste bucket. You can actually hear Lola weeping as she humiliates herself for the girls pleasure. Crystal and Jennifer are especially cruel to Lola. This video is amazing! Buy it for the ball busting or the waste bucket humiliation Lola endures. (12:01 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, Crystal, Lola, ball busting, ball kicking, boot ball kicking, ball punching, ball slapping, Lola degradation, dunking girls head in girls waste bucket, spitting, extreme mean girls, crying.

12 minutes




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