Brat Princess – Best of Preview Video (2012 -1)



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Brat Princess – Best of Preview Video (2012 -1)

DVD Quality: This is a must have for all Brat Princess fans. You get highlights from all of the clips below at a very generous price. This Best of video contains some of the hottest Brat Princess moments this year. If you are not sure what Brat Princess clip to buy this is a great sampler to own. Even if you own all of these clips it is still worth buying since there are some currently unavailable clips in here as well. (36:16 long).

Clip contains highlights from the following videos:

Christina – Amazing Ass Worship and Thong Sucking by Chastity Slave, Christina – Caged Cuck Dresses Princess for Date, Christina – Cuck Eats a Booger and Worships Feet, Christina – Red Light Green Lights Fatty to Tears, Christina – Wunder Woman Smother, Christina and Crystal – Bathroom Slave Humiliation, Christina and Crystal – UGG Boot Domination and Humiliation (Part 1 and 2), Christina and Mia – School Teacher Domination (Part 1 and 2), Christina and Mia – Stroker Humiliation, Christina and Mia – We don’t want to go to Gym Class, Christina Crystal and Mia – Fatty used as an outfit tester, Christina Crystal and Mia – Sadistic Beating of Male, Crystal and Mia – Feed a Fat Slave (Eat it Fatty), Crystal and Victoria – Facesit the Stupid Man Chair, Crystal and Victoria – Rub Lotion on us Chastity Slave, Crystal and Victoria – Toilet Swirley the Nerd Until it Gives, Crystal Mia and Victoria – If you were a man would you like these bikinis, Emma and Megan – School Girl Brat Domination (All Parts), Madison – Hot girl Uses Chastity Nerd for Foot Worship and Toilet, Mia and Victoria – Cheerleader Smother, Mia and Victoria – Cuck Boy Used as Panty Changing Rack, and previously released and currently unavailable clips.

36 minutes




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