Brat Princess – Birthday Party Goes Wrong for Lola (720 HD)



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Brat Princess – Birthday Party Goes Wrong for Lola (720 HD)

BP – Birthday Party Goes Wrong for Lola (720 HD)

720 HD: Rich girls Amadahy, Crystal, and Jennifer humiliate poor slave girl Lola. The girls are unbelievably cruel to Lola. They are enjoying birthday cake from Taylor’s birthday party while Lola is on her knees worshipping their feet. Lola tries her best to please the girls with her whore mouth. The girls start taunting Lola with the rich girl cake. Lola is so hungry after being used as a pony at the party. Crystal tells Lola:

“You need to understand that we’re rich and hot and beautiful and we get whatever we want. And you are poor ugly and stupid. So no cake for you! The only thing you are allowed to eat is our sweaty toes.”

Lola continues to worship the feet of Crystal and Jennifer and cleaning Amadahy’s feet with her whore mouth and tongue. Amadahy puts some frosting on the tip of her nose. It is so funny. Lola tries so hard to get the frosting off her nose with her tongue but she can’t. Then Jennifer “accidently” steps her foot in the cake. Jennifer makes Lola lick the cake off her foot. Amadahy even makes Lola lick her boot clean from some cake that she steps in with her boot. Then Crystal accidently steps in her cake to! OMG! Crystal then decides to give Lola some cake.
“Lola. I got you your very own piece of cake. But guess what? You don’t have any silverware to eat it with, so my foot will be your fork! My foot will be your fork for the day. Eat the cake off the fork foot Lola!”
Then the girls get mean. They really start the cake into her whore mouth. Lola begins to cry and whimper from the mean girl’s . This just makes the girls meaner. They even make Lola lick and suck the cake off the floor. Lola is utterly humiliated by her rich girl tormentors. Amadahy grabs her hair and uses her tongue like a mop to clean up the cake. Then the girls make Lola lie on her back. The girls stand over her and wipe their dirty feet in her stupid whore mouth. Lola cries some more. This makes the girls even meaner! The more Lola cries and whimpers the meaner the girls get. They stand her up and start throwing cake all over her face. Lola is crushed. She just wanted to go to the party with her friends but it ended up so badly for her. Taylor’s birthday party has been a nightmare. A Brat Princess Classic! You have to buy this clip! (17:48 long)
Clip contains: Amadahy, Crystal, Jennifer, Lola, lesbian , mean girls, foot worship, foot fetish, humiliation, weeping, crying, emotional humiliation

18 minutes




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