Brat Princess Faceslap Doubles Tennis (720 HD)



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Brat Princess Faceslap Doubles Tennis (720 HD)

720 HD: The girls are at it again. Now there are 4 girls playing Brat Princess Tennis! The dumb mute janitor is at the mercy of these college Brat Princesses. The slave crawls up to the girls and offers its face up for a slap. The girls turn it into a doubles match with the girls taking turns slapping and spitting into the girls face. The girls even make the idiot kiss their feet before they slap it in the face. “He is a good ball isn’t he? He looks like a ball with his bald head.” Mia in her Cheerleader outfit just snaps and points at her feet to kiss them. Then she slaps as hard as she can. The girls giggle and laugh the whole time as they have pun playing Princess Tennis. Crystal is extra mean and bratty when she gets her turn to slap. Eventually the mute dumb slave is even to kiss the Cheerleaders belly ring and then she slaps his ugly face. The girls have a great time playing tennis with the slaves face as a ball. BRAT PRINCESS CLASSIC! This clip has extreme Brat Princess behavior, laughing, giggling; cheerleaders, face slapping, Brat Princess tennis using a slaves face as a ball, spitting, and verbal humiliation. (9:03 long)

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