Brat Princess – House Sissy Trained for Tea parties and Dates (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Brat Princess – House Sissy Trained for Tea parties and Dates (Part 1) (720 HD)

Sissy Brenna is going to be serving tea for ladies at formal tea parties. Sissy Brenna first gets his makeup put on and is instructed how to put on her own makeup. Sissy Brenna is struggling with learning how to be a girl. Some of the girls have caught her cleaning floors without her heels on. Sissies have to be fully dressed and as feminine as possible at all times. The girls decide that Sissy will be wearing locked heels for now on. Sissy Brenna is not a real man and is not a real Princess either. She is a sissy. The girls humiliate the sissy by making him pull up his dress and pull down her panties. The girl’s laff at his pink chastity tube. Sissy Brenna has lost his Pantie privileges. She is allowed only to wear skirts and a chastity tube. The girls adjust her pig tails and make cruel comments about how much of a mess she is. Princes Christina decides to whip poor Sissy Brenna. The other girls laff and giggle at Sissy Brenna’s beating. (11:19 long)

Clip contains: Putting on makeup for a sissy, verbal humiliation, chastity humiliation, some sissy whipping, and putting a sissy into pig tails.

11 minutes




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