Brat Princess – Mean Cheerleaders Whip Lola (720 HD)



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Brat Princess – Mean Cheerleaders Whip Lola (720 HD)

720 HD: Cheerleaders can be such mean girls. “Well Lola you’re looking especially ugly today.” The mean cheerleaders are going to make poor Lola worship their sweaty feet from today’s cheer competition. They make Lola take off their sneakers and worship their feet. Lola is humiliated to not only have to kiss and worship the feet of the varsity cheer leaders but she even has to worship JV cheerleader Taylor! The girl’s constantly insult Lola and make fun of how poor her family is. “Student loans? That is so gross!” Lola refuses to worship Taylor’s feet and the girls decide that a whipping is in order. Jennifer is especially mean to Lola. “You look so haggard Lola.” Jennifer makes Lola kiss her sock before she takes it off to worship her feet. Then Lola makes the mistake of saying that she hates Taylor. The girls then open up her mouth and shove feet in her mouth. Jennifer decides to teach Lola to be nice. The girls decide Lola needs a firm whipping. Lola tries to hide in the corner. The girls drag her out and place her on the floor. Lola is stripped naked and placed on her front. Lola immediately starts sobbing from the beating. This annoys Jennifer. She does not want to hear the crying and sobbing. They don’t want anyone to hear the beating. Lola just burst into tears and the girls don’t care. Lola openly weeps as the whip continues to come crashing down. There are beating the bitchiness out of Lola. Jennifer gets in her face while Amadahy beats her. Jennifer covers her mouth. “Lola just be quiet. You deserve this. You have been a real bitch today. Right Taylor?” Then it is Taylor’s turn. Lola suffers the unimaginable humiliation by being whipped by a 18 year old JV cheerleader. Finally the beating ends. They make Lola say that she loves them. Lola cries as the other girls laugh at her pledge that she loves her tormentors to the moon and back. A Brat Princess classic. Probably the most psychologically disturbing Lola clip ever! (15:07 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, Lola, Taylor, cheerleaders, foot worship, sock kissing, whipping, hard beating of girl by mean girls, EXTREME VERBAL HUMILIATION by mean girls to poor working class girl, crying, sobbing, pleading, and extreme emotional sadism.

15 minutes




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