Brianna – Cums with Sons Face While Waiting for her Ten Inch Date (720 HD)



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Brianna – Cums with Sons Face While Waiting for her Ten Inch Date (720 HD)

720 HD: Briannas date is running late. She decides that she cant wait for him to arrive. Brianna calls her step-son, danni into the bedroom. Danni obediently answers his mothers call. A pink chastity device hangs between his skinny legs. Brianna instructs her step-son to assume the position on her bed. Danni does as he is told. He lies on the bed for his mothers use. Brianna straddles her sons face. She cant wait for her date any longer. She wants to cum now. Brianna bounces and rocks against her sons face. She reminds her step-son that his step-father is useless. Brianna tells danni that she has been looking forward to her date with her new boyfriend all day. His cock is beautiful and huge, not at all like the men in her family. Shes been looking forward to getting fucked by her boyfriends beautiful cock all day. Unfortunately, in his absence little dannis face will have to do. As Brianna gets closer to cumming, she tells her step-son to take a nice big breath. Please step-mommy, danni begs. Brianna grinds her pussy against her sons tiny nose while thinking about her boyfriends big cock. She takes a Hitachi from underneath her pillow and stimulates herself while riding her sons face. Soon, step-mommy is moaning, thinking about the big, fat, cock on its way to her. Step-Mommy finishes. Her step-son squirms beneath her, stealing a breath. Brianna hits her step-son. Stop that. I already came. (10:48 long)
Clip contains: Brianna, Female Domination, Taboo, Face Sitting, Ass Bouncing, Ass Grinding, Ass Smother, Chastity, Hitachi Vibrator, Orgasm

11 minutes




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