Brianna – Useless Step-Son Trained to Worship Mothers Feet (720 HD)



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Brianna – Useless Step-Son Trained to Worship Mothers Feet (720 HD)

720 HD: Danni has not cleaned the kitchen. His step-mother, Brianna, had asked him to hours ago. Brianna is tired of repeating herself, asking for danni to complete the same tasks over and over. Danni has been trained too long to still be a disobedient . Brianna decides to add to dannis list of tasks. Since her husband is out, shopping with Odette, danni will have to worship his mothers feet. Brianna instructs her step-son to remove her shoes and smell them. She asks him how his chastity feels. Danni complains that Odette has made his chastity too tight. Brianna does not tolerate complainers. She asks her step-son to relay what hes been occupying his time with, since clearly his chores are not completed. Danni tells his step-mother that his step-sister has been making him complete her chores. This is the second time danni has complained to his step-mother. Brianna thrusts her foot into her sons mouth. She uses his mouth to clean her feet. Brianna is not satisfied with the result. She makes her step-son lick in between each of her toes. Danni begs his step-mother to allow him to come out of chastity. Brianna is very upset. Danni will not stop complaining. She grabs her step-son by the ear and admonishes him. She reminds danni that a smaller, stricter, chastity tube awaits him in the bedroom. She slaps her sons face and tells the disobedient to put her shoes back on. With the threat of the smaller chastity tube still hanging in the air, Brianna instructs her step-son to shine her black shoes with his tongue. She decides that her step-son will need to be placed in the smaller chastity. Danni thanks his step-mother for the opportunity to be placed in a smaller chastity and continues licking her shoes. Danni is finally behaving. Brianna has her step-son suck on the heels of her stilettos. He takes them deep into his throat until they sparkle with spit shine. Brianna tells her step-son that the time has come for him to get a part time job. Its time he contribute to her financially. After danni licks his mothers shoes for a while, she asks him if he thinks they are shiny enough to meet her standard. Danni thanks they are. Brianna agrees that the shoes are quite shiny and pleasing now. Regardless, danni will be put in the smaller tube. (11:46 long)
Clip contains: Brianna, Female Domination, Taboo, Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Chastity

12 minutes




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