Britney – of Personal Slave



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Britney – of Personal Slave

Standard Definition: This video is actually pretty disturbing. Britney made this video awhile ago and gave it to us to edit. She shot it with her own camera and her slave using a tripod. It starts off with some heel cleaning and foot worship. Then Britney says she wants it to lick her ass. But since she just wiped her shoes off on its tongue she wants to clean out his mouth. So she goes to the kitchen and gets some spray detergent and starts spraying into its poor mouth! You have to see it to believe! The idiot sits their swishing the detergent around in his mouth. He starts calling for mercy and Britney just keeps squirting more and more detergent into its mouth. It gargles and Britney just keeps spraying more and more. Finally she allows the slave to run and spit it out. And she just laughs! Unbelievable! Now with a clean mouth she turns around and makes the poor thing lick her ass. Throughout this video she makes very hurtful remarks about the slave. Why she makes him wear a mask around her house and how his chastity tube will be tightened. This is a very hardcore video in terms of real of a real personal slave and a cruel bitch. Clip contains: Emotional cruelty, squirting detergent into slave’s mouth, shoe licking, foot worship, ass worship, Britney’s amazing ass. (16:14 long)

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