Cali and Vienna – Sexual Harassment Policy Requires Tighter Chastity Tubes (720 HD)



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Cali and Vienna – Sexual Harassment Policy Requires Tighter Chastity Tubes (720 HD)

720 HD: Vienna is the Sexual Harassment Prevention Coordinator and she is handling a complaint from Cali about Danni. Danni is already kept in chastity but Cali believes it is not tight enough. She feels uncomfortable. Cali wants him in a smaller tighter tube. She feels she should be able to wear what every sexy clothes she wants without him getting a boner no matter how small it is. She also thinks that her fun teasing of Danni in the morning by tickling his balls should not have to result in him getting any type of erection. She wants it so small and tight that she cant see any hardness at all. Vienna completely agrees and she shows Cali the new tighter tube. She squeals with delight and mocks Danni. See I told you I would win! Now you have to wear the smaller one. Ha Ha! Danni is facing a huge sexual harassment law suit that could ruin him. His complaints get him even more time in chastity. He takes off the old one and squeezes himself into the new smaller one. Cali locks it back in place and puts it back on her belly ring. Vienna thinks it is adorable that she wears the chastity key on her belly ring. This is not sexual harassment she declares. The girls test the new tube. Vienna puts her breasts in his place. Danni is miserable. Vienna knows that she can wear her low cut blouse that shows off her amazing cleavage without being harassed by a boner. Cali tickles his balls with her new pedicure. they work on Dannis foot worship. The girls put their stocking feet into his mouth and make him suck on them. Cali fucks his mouth with her foot. Danni is utterly humiliated by the hot office girls. The girls start talking about Mr. Johnson. He is a male that does not wear a chastity tube. He gets to fuck the office girls when he wants. He is so attractive. The high heel s that He likes are tough on Calis feet. She uses the chastity boys to worship her feet so they dont feel so sore. Danni is threatened with spikes inside the chastity tube. He has to stop leaking pre cum! This means he will get the spikes. No pre-cum is allowed no matter how backed up he gets. Danni has to also buy the girls new skirts and bikinis! The girls then take off their stocking and make Danni lick and suck their bare toes. This video shows how companies are fighting sexual harassment from undesirable males. Undesirable males face financial ruin from a sexual harassment law suit if they do not wear chastity tubes and obey the wishes of the office girls. (21:15 long)
Clip contains: Cali, Vienna, office domination, chastity, sexual harassment, foot worship, stockings, humiliation

21 minutes




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