Cali Carter – Cuck Bobs for Condoms in Princess Water (720 HD)



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Cali Carter – Cuck Bobs for Condoms in Princess Water (720 HD)

720 HD: Cali discovers a condom in the toilet. Her cuck has been very bad. The cuck is supposed to finish every drop, every time Cali gives him one of her boyfriends condoms. He is not allowed to throw a condom in the toilet, ever. Cali makes the cuck bob for the condom in the toilet. The cuck retrieves the condom. Cali makes the cuck drop the condom back in the toilet and bob for it again. Cali pushes the cucks head down into the bowl with her heel. Cali has to use the bathroom, thats what she had come in the room to do before she got distracted. She uses the toilet. Cali makes the cuck bob for her toilet paper in the Princess water. The cuck bobs desperately for Calis toilet paper. It fails. Cali asks the cuck if it has learned its lesson. This will not happen again in the future, because from now on, Cali will pour all of her boyfriends used condoms into the cucks mouth herself. Cali stands above the toilet and makes the cuck look at her ass. Her ass is not for him. Her ass is for her boyfriend. He can fuck it, the cuck can only look. Cali reminds the cuck that she owns him. Her ass rules his pathetic life. Cali gives the cuck a swirly until it admits its a loser. (8:31 long)
Clip contains: Cali Carter, Female Domination, Toilet Humiliation, Swirly, pee, ass humiliation, condom bobbing

8 minutes




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